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What does it take to pass the 11+?

The 11+ exam is demanding - so demanding in fact that most adults would be unlikely to pass it without prior preparation.
Milestone are 11+ specialists. 
We have been preparing children for the 11+ in the High Wycombe area for over a decade and our pass-rate this year surpassed the Bucks county average by three to one.

If you are looking for tutorial support that combines smaller class sizes with a more personal awareness of your child's specific needs, talk to us.

Our programmes:

Year-5       Complete 11+ preparation       

Year-4       Foundational English & Maths skills     

Year-3       Early numeracy and verbal training      

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"Despite having discovered Milestone late in our 11+ preparations, they truly made all the difference to my daughter's confidence and knowledge in sitting the test. The tremendous teacher efforts, teaching style, tips and techniques were perfect to enhance the skills and confidence needed. We could not have done it without you. Thank you to the entire team at Milestones!"   [Recent Parent]

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Year-5 programme

Our year-5 programme runs in four

12-week phases or ‘blocks’, September

to September:

Phase-1        Sept  ->  Nov

Phase-2        Dec   ->  Mar

Phase-3        Mar   ->  May

Phase-4        May   ->  Sept


Phase-1 ensures that core Maths & English skills are fully embedded, so your child has the basic ‘toolkit’ they need.

The programme then moves on to cover the more specialised 11+ themes in all the key GL subjects:

  • English Comprehension & Grammar skills

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Maths Reasoning

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning


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01494 9956 367

Year-5 students can enter the programme at different stages through the year but may have to do some catch-up work to come up to speed in key areas.




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01494 9956 367

We support year-4 students in all aspects of Key Stage-2 Maths and English to ensure they come into their 11+ year with the core verbal and numeracy skills they'll need.

Our personal but purposeful teaching style and small tutorial groups mean we can respond to each child as an individual, spotting the particular areas where they are 'blocked' and in need of extra help.​

As well as following the national curriculum we use creative writing tasks to build confidence with language and build vocabulary.


Starting down the path

At 7-8, children need to be taking their first proper steps towards comfort with numbers and language. 


We follow the national curriculum closely, paying particular attention in Maths to times-tables understanding of place values and simple calculation skills.  In English we foster reading and writing skills and an understanding of basic grammatical rules.

Milestone is small enough and personal enough to engage with a year-3 child's particular enthusiams and interests whilst gently guiding them along their academic path.


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01494 9956 367


11+ Boosters

Intensive practice during the run-up to the exam

Every summer and autumn, Milestone runs Sunday Booster sessions that pull everything together, giving year-5 students the experience of working under time pressure to maximise their marks:


  • Timed ‘mini-papers’ covering all 11+ strands   

  • Follow-through teaching to fill remaining gaps

  • Sociable and fun

  • Immediate feedback to guide home revision

  • Open to Milestone and non-Milestone students

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01494 9956 367


Milestone mock exams

The full dress-rehearsal

Our mock exam papers with audio instructions mirror the Bucks GL 11+ exam experience faithfully, helping young students to keep their nerve on the actual day and use the right exam techniques.

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 Contact us find our more: 

 01494 9956 367 



Milestone 11+ Online

Milestone 11+ Online

Our online service mirrors the classroom experience, with real interactive tutoring – not machine-marked test papers.

Milestone also provides this service for students outside Bucks looking

at private schools with CEM or GL

based entry tests, such as Wycombe Abbey and Cheltenham.

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Milestone 11+ is located near the centre of High Wycombe:

First floor suite

Apollo Centre

Desborough Road

High Wycombe

HP11 2QW

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01494 9956 367

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None of the ratings or reviews your see here were solicited - they were put there by customers at their own behest.

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01494 9956 367

"We are very grateful for the high expectation you had set for our daughter and the commitment you've given to realising it... Our daughter couldn't have achieved 152 in her Bucks 11+ transfer tests without you. Thank you!"

"Excellent tutoring team.  They really have your child's best interests at heart.  My child enjoyed her time at Milestone's!"

"I just want to say a big 'thank-you' for the excellent help and support you have given my son in passing his 11. He couldn't have asked for a better place than Milestone.  I have recommended you to all my friends and family."

"Excellent support throughout the journey.  Our son, Qasim, got a very good result with their help. Thanks Milestone."


Contact us

Email or call us for more information or to set up an assessment lesson for your child

Tel: 01494 956 367

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